CNB Bank Card Services

Want the convenience of paperless checking plus the power of worldwide bank card recognition? Sign up today for CNB's VISA Checkcard 24. Find out more about CNB's Bank Card.

CNB CheckCard 24

The CNB Visa CheckCard 24 is all about convenience and the power of worldwide bank card recognition. You can use it at ATMs everywhere 24 hours a day, and it works at any retail establishment that accepts Visa. Check with any Conway National Bank customer service representative to set up your CheckCard account.

CNB Visa/MasterCard

CNB offers customers two of the most widely recognized bank cards in the world - VISA and MasterCard. Our Visa/MasterCard program is available for both individual cardholders and merchant sales.

CNB ATM Services

CNB 24 Automated Teller Machines are located throughout Horry County, the Grand Strand and the Waccamaw Neck to provide you with the convenience of on-the-go banking. With the exception of the historic CNB Main Street office in Conway, you can find an ATM machine near any of our banking offices, as well as two stand alone ATM machines at locations serving your community. CNB is a member of the STAR Network, which allows CNB 24 cardholders to use thousands of ATMs worldwide. This is just one way that CNB provides its cardholders easy access to their funds when they need it.